Saturday, May 12, 2007


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Imagine asking a respected colleague to recommend a family doctor for your children after relocating to a new city. The colleague goes on to tell you about Dr. X who claims that he is unable to help his patients 80% of the time, has committed malpractice 1/3 of the time and has Molested and abused 30% of this patients- yet continues to treat children, continues to get massive funding, which most are used on his facility and for salaries, continues to practice medicine with ease. Most parents would be outraged, and never consider having any type of dealings with Dr. X. Although Dr. X is not a real person, this scenarios plays out over and over again in the Foster Care system -and parents have little control of their children’s outcome.

We only hear stories of Foster Care abuse when a child is murdered,

Time Magazine has done a serious of stores on the Foster Care system. “the Crisis of Foster Care” was published November 5, of 2005 . The article opened with a grisly description of a little who was pictured in a hospital with a tube protruding from his broken nose. He had deep cuts above his right ear and scars around his forehead. There were burn marks on his tiny feet. This innocent child had been battered and tortured. He was tied with panty hose and belts to a banister by the women who had become his foster parent. The state of Georgia had taken him away from his mother, placed him in the Foster Mother’s care. This 6 year old little boy had so many injuries that the medical examiner gave up counting them. He weighed only 29lbs and was another victim in the Foster Care system in the United States. At the time the article was written, the number of children in the Foster Care system had doubled from a quarter of a million to over 550,000.Innocent children are caught up in a web of abuse and neglect to bureaucratic foul-ups and carelessness. The incidence of neglect, physical and sexual abuse of children in foster care is feared to be significantly higher than incidents in the general populations.The government is quick to snatch a child from parents they deem irresponsible, yet does a poor job protecting the very same innocent child

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