Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life In Occupied Palestinian Part 1 by Anna

State of Israel’s 60 year anniversary, why we shouldn’t be celebrating it

Not everyone is celebrating the 60th Nakba (catastrophe) anniversary of formation of the state

of Israel. In America, any discussion on the treatment of the Palestinians or the Apartheid

conditions are met with critical rebut and indignant rant about Israel being “our friend.” The

subject has always been off the table in the U.S. Just as sure as Communist China’s human

rights abuses and brutal body parts industry is ignored, why, because China is highly invested

in American dollars, they are business partners, (never mind the trade gap) You can say, they

are “our friends.” We will never hear anyone in Washington talking about invading China and

bring democracy to the Chinese people, even when the people of Tibet are fighting for their


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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Highway 59 Blogging in Houston - Justice for Palestinians

Mini film about Highway 59 weekly protest in Houston Texas. The group wants fellow Americans to truly see what is really going on in Palestine as well as bring to light the amount of U.S. tax payers dollars going towards the state of Israel to fund the current Apartheid System of ethnic cleaning of the Muslims and Christian Palestinians. The media has banned any open discussions about this topic